LAFlines Photography Video Business Card

A Personal Video Business Card created for LAFlines Photography, highlighting what makes Lidija’s photography services unique.


2018 Al Glick Youth Football Camp

Video created highlighting the events for the day of the inaugural Al Glick Youth Football Camp. Camp feature current and former Michigan Football players and a speech from Coach Harbaugh.

APHW Commercials

Commercials made to highlight the benefits and culture of working at APHW with the goal of recruiting new talent to the company


This Life. We Lead.

Including a music video and promotional teaser, these visuals where created to highlight their brand’s unique style, and help drive social media traffic.

Our Dinner Bell

A Local Milwaukee TV Cooking show hosted by Chef Michael Feker. Chef Feker shows you how to make gourmet meals at home.


King Kamm: Victory Through Defeat

Documentary following the journey of Mitch Williams through his long and unconventional road through the ranks of professional boxing.