Y2A Media is a video production agency operated/owned by Matthew Simonis. Based out of Ypsilanti, MI, Y2A Media strives to make high quality video content more attainable for small business’, entrepreneurs, artists and musicians. We tailor each video project to our clients unique needs, and recognize how important it is to tell the story of our client’s true selves. Our philosophy when it comes to our craft can be traced all the way back to Ancient Greece.

“To become an able man in any profession, there are three things necessary -- nature, study, and practice.”

- Aristotle


About Owner

Matthew graduated from the UW-Milwaukee in 2015 with a BFA in Film, Video and New Genres from the Peck School of the Arts. His film and video experience includes working on a number of short films that have been screened both locally and nationally, as well as producing and shooting several local TV shows in both the Wisconsin and Michigan markets. Matthew has gained experience working in all corners of the industry including contract work for Ad Agencies, as a full time member of a production company and from a wide variety of freelance jobs.

Matthew is obsessed with the relationship between the visual image and story. No detail is to small when it comes creating striking visual imagery that helps enhance the story. This doesn’t necessarily always mean that the stunning 4k shot is the way to go but making sure there is an intentional thread to the way each shot weaves itself into the greater story.

“As for the story, whether the poet takes it ready made or constructs it for himself, he should first sketch its general outline, and then fill in the episodes and amplify in detail”